Terms & Conditions

  1. Scope of Work: All construction and building works will be executed based solely on the information and specifications provided by the client. The project will adhere strictly to the prevailing building regulations and codes to ensure compliance and safety.
  2. Standard Inclusion of Correct Materials: The quoted price includes all necessary and correct materials required for the completion of the project. These materials will meet the industry standards and specifications to ensure the quality of the final result.
  3. Certifications on Completion: Upon the successful completion of the project and receipt of full payment, the client will be provided with the necessary certifications related to the completed works. These certifications will serve as official confirmation of the work’s compliance with relevant regulations and standards.
  4. Charges for Additional Works: Any additional works, alterations, or investigation activities that are requested by the client and not covered in the original quote will be subject to additional charges. These charges will be communicated and agreed upon before the commencement of the additional works.
  5. Chargeable Omissions: In the event that certain aspects or items were unintentionally omitted from the original quote but were necessary for the project’s completion, these omissions may still be chargeable. To avoid such charges, any discrepancies should be addressed and agreed upon by both parties within 24 hours before the work begins.
  6. Reporting Variations in Drawings: If any discrepancies or variations are noticed in the project drawings, the client must promptly report them to us. Timely reporting allows us to address and resolve any issues efficiently, ensuring the project progresses smoothly and as planned.
  7. Ownership of Goods: All goods and materials used in the project will remain the property of TKS Total Kitchen Solutions Ltd until full payment is received from the client. Once the final payment is made, ownership of the installed goods will be transferred to the client.
  8. Acceptance of Terms and Conditions: By accepting the provided quote, the client agrees to abide by all the above-stated Terms and Conditions. These Terms and Conditions serve as a legally binding agreement between the client and TKS Total Kitchen Solutions Ltd, governing the execution of the construction project.
  9. It is essential for the client to thoroughly review and understand these Terms and Conditions before accepting the quote. If there are any questions or concerns, the client should seek clarification from TKS Total Kitchen Solutions Ltd before proceeding with the project.